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SFSAG Rockall Haddock becomes the 4th Scottish demersal fishery to be MSC certified

SFSAG Rockall Haddock becomes the 4th Scottish demersal fishery to be certified as MSC by CU Pesca, with the certified fisheries now including seven stocks across the North Sea and West of Scotland regions.
The main strength of the Rockall haddock fishery is a well-organised fleet which operates in a well-defined management framework with transparent stakeholder consultation processes. The Rockall haddock stock has strong signs of SSB recovery and continues to be above precautionary levels for sustainable fishing. A sizable proportion of the fishable area (~45 %) is closed to fishing to protect the marine environment and fleet bycatch has been assessed as not being detrimental to other stocks in the area.

SFSAG states that its highly delighted that Rockall Haddock is now certified under the MSC banner.  Haddock is a key commercial stock for their members and to those they supply to; it is increasingly important that they continue to meet the demands of the market place. Certification of Rockall haddock helps them  secure a flow of good quality, certified haddock at a time when seasonal restrictions are at play elsewhere.
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