The Sustainable Eel Group (SEG) is a conservation and science led organisation working with partner bodies and individuals to accelerate the eel's recovery. Their objective is to maximise the contribution of eel fishers, ranchers, aquaculturalists, traders and consumers of eel products to the restoration of healthy European eel populations. The Sustainable Eel Standard covers each stage of the eel’s supply chain from eel fishers, at various life stages, through to traders. It ensures best practice and sustainable exploitation of wild populations, in accordance with European regulations and restocking requirements. 

Companies wishing to be certified as fishing for, buying or trading in certified eels and eel products must therefore be audited against the criteria set out as part of the Standard.   Should you be interested in becoming certified under the SEG Standard, please contact Control Union Pesca. 

A copy of the latest Sustainable Eel Standard (V6.0) is available on the SEG website.
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